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Professional Program in Interior Design - 1/2/3 Years

Eligibility : 10th or 12th Standard

Admissions Open NOw

IIIFT’s Interior Design Program prepares students with the knowledge to work in Interior Design.

In IIIFT’s Interior Design Program students can begin a career in Interior Design. This IIIFT’s Interior Design Program teaches students to take human elements into consideration when designing a space for living. This IIIFT’s Interior Design Program attracts creative individuals who want to improve quality of life through their designs. The IIIFT’s Interior Design Program emphasizes the design process with students developing concepts into functional designs. Interior Design students are taught in a hands-on environment with industry-related equipment and technology. The IIIFT’s Interior Design Program teaches traditional and computerized design skills.

Course topics in the Interior Design Program include:

• Space planning
• Textiles
• Lighting

IIIFT’s Interior Design Program students develop a portfolio to showcase their work to potential employers. Graduates of the Interior Design degree program are prepared to pursue entry-level jobs such as:

• Interior designer
• Space planner
• Draftsperson

The Program in Interior Design helps students attain a strong foundation of knowledge and basic skills in all areas of Interior Design. Through a hands-on, real-world approach to education students expand their base with classroom topics including:

• Art history
• Cultural studies
• The decorative arts
• Materials

You’ll also be introduced to 2-D and 3-D design, as well as computer-aided drafting techniques like AutoCAD, while discovering ergonomics, renovation, architecture, psychology, and the business side of the field.

IIIFT is one of the leading institute amongst the interior designing institutes in Navi Mumbai and interior designing colleges. In addition to an intense course of study, students will enjoy visits to the leading industry studios for practical overview on current interior design market trends.

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