Every student shall abide by the rules of the institute, which may be updated from time to time.

Admission eligibility for different courses is as follows:

Procedure 1: “Walk-in” Procedure
1. Prospective students can walk in directly to the main office, get the details and seek the help of the counselors.
2. Purchase the application form from the front office.
3. Fill in the application form.
4. Duly filled form should be submitted along with two passport size photographs.
5. Fees payment can be done either by cash/ cheque on the same date or atleast registration.
6. This confirms the enrollment procedure. Students are personally informed about the date of commencement of their course.

Procedure 2: “Register-online” schedule
1. Prospective students can get information regarding their choice of program either by calling up our counselors or from our website.
2. Students can then fill up the application form online and submit the same.
3. Fees can be paid by cheque/ D.D along with the online application form.
4. This confirms the online enrollment procedure. Students are personally informed about the date of commencement of their course.

Note: Prospective students should send in their queries on enquiry form available on the site by entering their contact numbers. Our Counselors will get in touch personally for the information you need.

General Rules for Admission Carrying any valuables to the institute will be at the risk of the student and institution will not accept any responsibility of the valuables lost in the class as well as on the campus.

Students are required to read the notices put on the notice board of the institute regularly. Institute shall not accept any responsibility for any loss / damage incurred by a student owing to her failure to read the notices in time.
Disciplinary Rules :

• Anyone found indulging in ragging in any form within or outside the campus, will result in a strict action or can be expelled from the institute.
• The behavior of the students at all time, within or outside the campus must be above board and must reflect a sense of responsibility.
• Students are required to show due regard for the rights and the properties of the institute. Any student found guilty of tampering / damaging the property, fixtures, equipment, furniture, books, building, vehicles, etc. of the institute / society, shall be liable for punishment and might be expelled from the institute.
• Any student found misbehaving in the class, lab, campus and behaving arrogantly with the faculty and or staff or fellow students will be fined or a strict action will be taken. The nature of the punishment will depend upon the severity of the offence.
• The following will constitute misbehavior and misconduct
i. Disobedience
ii. Objectionable moral influence.
iii. Improper body language
iv. Back answering
v. Insubordination, etc...
• The students are bound by all the rules and regulations made by the institute from time to time. Any matter not expressly provided for in these rules shall rest at the absolute discretion of the concerned authority, which also reserves the right of modifying these rules as and when felt necessary.
• All disputes pertaining to sale of prospectus, conduct of examination and admissions to the institute shall fall within the jurisdiction of Mumbai, Maharashtra only.

Identity Card :
Every student of the institute must possess the identity card. She / He should always wear it on person while on campus and should produce whenever called upon to do so by concerned authorities. The loss of I Card should be reported immediately to the office. Rs.300/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate I card.

Attendance :
• A student shall be required to attend at least 75% of the number of lectures and 75% of the number of practicals, separately from actual number of classes conducted in each subject during each semester.
• The Director of the institution shall have the discretion to condone 10% of the attendance in theory and or practical of any one subject (overall) if he is fully convinced of the students absence on grounds of ill health or for reasons beyond her control. Such intimation with relevant supporting documents must be submitted while student is absenting herself.

Co-Curricular Activities :
• Students are encouraged to take active part in various club activities and co-curricular activities, as these are absolutely essential for the development of the student.
• Factory visits / Export house visits / Fairs / Exhibitions / Fashion shows may incur an additional expenditure which shall be borne by the students.
• Any student allowed to represent the institute in any event will not indulge into activity, which will affect the prestige and the goodwill of the institute. Any student found doing so will be punished severely and secession given by the authorities will be binding and final.
• Any advance taken by a student towards any activity of the institute should be settled with the authorities within four days from the completion of the activity. To substantiate the expenses, authentic receipts / bill must support the statement.