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Retail Management Program - 1 Year

The IIIFT's International Fashion Retail Management Program is designed to prepare students for a career in fashion retail as executives and managers. The industry requires well-informed, commercially-minded fashion retail managers who have learnt the skills to increase profitability, reduce waste and shrinkage, and increase productivity whilst providing better customer service and increasing staff morale. The fashion industry is highly competitive with a constantly changing set of business challenges, including retail internationalisation.

This course seeks to produce graduates who will be top quality retail managers who can maximise productivity in the face of international competition, demanding customers and changing shopping patterns. These managers will be creative and forward-looking individuals with a global perspective, who are equipped to use their skills in any size or kind of retail outlet, whether virtual or physical.

The program balances practical and creative skills with theoretically based studies, together with broader academic studies, which allow you to see the context of your particular study in the wider perspectives of fashion, society and the environment.

Work experience opportunities and industry-led projects and collaborations are features of the course.