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International Fashion Merchandising Program - 1 Year

The world of fashion encompasses more than just creating the clothing and accessories that fashion models wear on the runways of the world. It also involves the selling, marketing and displaying of that merchandise. A student fully trained in fashion merchandising will know how to display fashion and accessories in such a way that it will be pleasing to the shopper's eye and encourage sales. Merchandising also involves marketing fashion through various methods to encourage sales of those products.

Beyond haute couture and the creation of fashion, the fashion industry is a fast-paced business that employs countless skilled professionals who have the drive, entrepreneurial sense and intuition to be successful in the field. Highly skilled, business-savvy fashion marketing and merchandising graduates are well positioned for many rewarding and exciting career opportunities.

The Fashion Merchandising Program at IIIFT blends creative and business skills training to provide the specialized knowledge students will need to thrive in the industry. Program graduates are uniquely qualified to work in India and around the world as:
• Fashion Marketers
• Buyers
• Stylists
• Trend Forecasters and more

A variety of exciting and fulfilling outcomes are available to graduates of this program, including careers such as:
Visual merchandiser
Fashion buyer
Public relations professional
Image consultant
Professional stylist
Trend forecaster
Fashion magazine editor
Fashion journalist
Event planner
Social media specialist